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Bangle Watch vol.2

The first apps I've made for the Bangle.js 2 open-source smartwatch.

Top image: "Rinkulainen", the first watch face I made for Bangle.js 2

Hello! Last time I introduced you to Bangle.js 2, the lovely open-source lofi smartwatch. Today I'm going to go through some of the apps I've made for it, in the first 10 days of having it!

"Rinkulainen", in the top image, was the first watch face idea that felt like I could accomplish. Two simple rings that has an openings for showing where it's "pointing." Hours outside, minutes inside. It also says the date in tiny letters underneath.

I don't know much JavaScript (other than copypasting stuff for websites) and of course I was completely new to developing low-power apps like this. The documentation for Bangle.js is good (although the website doesn't work very well…) Also having the JavaScript documentation open on another tab is very helpful. Then just open up the development environment in your favorite browser, and start coding! I recommend the first tutorial too.

"Henkinen", a tiny app that helps you breathe.

"Henkinen", a tiny app that helps you breathe.

As I wanted to teach myself to make non-clock apps too, I made "Henkinen." It's a little thing that just shows you how to time your breathing, to relax and center yourself. It has a simple circle that goes big and small according to how you should breathe. Already helped me a ton, hah! It uses the 4-7-8 pattern: inhale for 4 seconds, keep it in for 7, and exhale slooowly for 8 seconds. Effective!

While I'm waiting for my apps to get approved for the official App Launcher, you can use the launcher on my github to load any of my apps onto your Bangle.js! (Tip: search for "inen" as I name all my apps ending with that!)

Icon Launcher, with a grid of tiny icons instead of a list.

Icon Launcher, with a grid of tiny icons instead of a list.

App of the day: Icon Launcher

An alternative to the default launcher with a grid of icons, rather than a list of icon and the app name. Way easier to see what you have on your watch at a glance. Touching on an icon will first show the app name, and second touch will open it. Simple and smart. I love that you can change fundamental stuff like the launcher on Bangle.js so easily!

That's it for today's Bangle Watch! If you have any cool stuff you've made for the Bangle, tweet them at me.

Bangle up!


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