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Bangle Watch

Starting my adventure with Bangle.js 2 open-source smartwatch.

Top image: Fourth watch face I programmed for Bangle.js 2: “Pisteinen.” Just in an hour or so!

Hello friends! I just got a Bangle.js 2 little over a week ago, and I love it. It’s an open-source lofi smartwatch, that you can program super easily for with JavaScript. Love the tamagotchi-like screen (176x176 pixels, with just a few colors), love the battery life (after almost two weeks of usage and development, still at 80%) and most of all, I love the way you program for it straight in the browser.

I’ve already created four watch faces and one tiny breathing app to learn developing for this little machine in the short time I’ve had it. And I have so many ideas bubbling in my head! A perfect machine to make my own virtual pet dreams come true…

The way you have to think about energy usage is such a fun limitation. The apps are so tiny and easy to develop with the web browser emulator, that it almost feels like jamming out a song. Love. It.

Gonna document my adventures with the watch in this article series called “Bangle Watch” and show off cool apps that I find on the official App Loader. Here’s the first one:

Calendar Widget in the top left corner of the screen.

Calendar Widget in the top left corner of the screen.

App of the day: Calendar Widget

Adds a simple month + day widget to the top of the screen. Very usable when using full screen watch faces without date information (like I do currently.)

Tweet at me if you’ve made any cool stuff for the Bangle!

Keep bangling,


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