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So it has come to this, Jukio's blog

Blogins. (That's short for blog begins.) Some explanation on why I'm starting this little personal space and a bit about artist statements. Beware: under_construction.gif.

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Hey friends, it's me Jukio.

I've been tired. So so so so tired. One of the big reasons is that I have a kid now. But another reason I want to talk about here is social media. It's exhausting how addictive it is to check all the little red circles with tiny numbers in them or whatever the notifications look like in any particular app.

Yeah yeah it's a topic a lot of people talk about and you probably want to tell me to just stop using social media so much. Which I've done. Deleted Twitter and Facebook from my phone, regulating time spent on them on computer, etc. And it has helped a lot! Got so much more time to do more important stuff. Like reading books or uh, making this blogging system...

But this was going to be a positive blog post. And it is, believe me!

I love the idea of blogging as personal spaces that Marina Kittaka put into words on her new blog engine's site:

"Creating a giant, decontextualized flood of micro-thoughts may benefit the corporate entities behind Twitter or Instagram, but does it benefit real human beings? Is this what we really want?"

And on the pre-Zonelets questionnaire:

"I think the internet is better as a surfable, browsable, network of distinct human spaces, rather then a few big sites controlled by unethical rich people."

You should definitely read the Zonelets (such a cute name!) site even if you don't plan on starting a blog. Marina's writings gave me, I guess I'd call it, courage to start my own blog.

Lately, almost every night before I go to sleep to stave off anxiety, I've been reading Robert Yang's amazing blog about his gay sex games and videogame academia. It's funny, interesting and such a pleasant thing to fall into sleep to. But it's also Very Good, as you can expect from a cool professor like Robert. So it subtly put me into a mindset that I'm not that interesting and there's no reason for me to start a blog.

Marina's Zonelets writings blew that dumb mindset away immediately! They really opened up what blogging meant for me. I can just make a personal space and write whatever I want and not stress about how many people have 'liked' it! Fuck you!!

It's really hard to really internalize that. But yeah, here's my attempt at reclaiming a piece of the internet for myself.

I do have some purpose for this blog too, though! So this is not just gonna be my ramblings of how tired I am on any particular day. Going back to Robert's blog, I really like his "post-mortems", or I think they're artist's statements, of his games. Artist telling the audience about their work more in-depth.

Whenever I visit museums, which I sadly don't do anymore because of the virus, I'm interested in the art there yes. But usually I'm way more interested in the artist statements printed on the walls. If I like something then I love to hear about it from the artist. It adds depth to the art itself of course, but for me it opens up what the artist thought about back when they worked on the art. The statements inspires me to make art more than the art itself I'm seeing or hearing.

I'm more of a "process person" rather than an "end result person", I guess. Of course I love to see my work finished and out there and people listening to it. But I probably wouldn't have continued doing music professionally for almost 10 years now if the process itself wasn't really fun.

I make a lot of things. On top of music, I write stories and poems, visual art (a lot of my cover arts are my own!), videogames, I design chairs and other physical pieces (on paper for now!), I create dwellings in Minecraft, I develop websites (I built this blog system myself!), etc. etc. And I love the process of them all. But most of these are A) not gonna pay my rent and/or B) the process is not sustainable for me.

A big example for B is making videogames. I love to make videogames. I love to dream up and write systems that interact with each other. But usually that's it. The more I've thought about it the more I've realized that I don't love making WHOLE videogames. I love part of the process. But not the whole journey of coming up with wonderful systems and worlds, coding them, populating it with content and art, debugging it, and cutting content out and QA testing it and localizing it and marketing it and...

Creating videogames is way too big. I feel like music hits Just The Right Spot for me in the Dreaming Up Worlds - Creating Systems - Finishing The Thing spectrum. I love to create things from start to finish (mostly) by myself and music is just that.

Wait, why did I start writing this partOh yeah, the artist's statements! I love those and I'd love to use this blog to open up my process and thoughts on my art. Any art I do really, not just music! As I'm a process person, the prospect of writing about the process interests me a lot. And hopefully this all inspires someone, like those quotes on the museum walls does for me!

I will write other stuff too most probably. Maybe thoughts on composition and sound making. Maybe some analysis/feelings on works that interests me. Short tutorials? Maybe let loose ideas that I know I won't be finishing? Anything's possible!

Now that I think about it there's SO much to talk about, y'all. I'm excited!

One thing I'm weird amount of excited about is that as this blog feels like a non-commercial personal space, that means I can just fool around with CSS styling and make it look like whatever I want. Or more like whatever it becomes. Not trying to be professional. Just let it evolve into something between ancient cool Geocities pages and modern personal websites. The looks of this space is probably gonna be updated way more than the content. And that's how I like it.

For now I wanted to go with light text on dark warm background, because it's easier to read on a mobile screen when going to sleep. That's when I read blogs and I secretly hope that this blog can give someone the same anxiety reducing talisman effect. Wait I already changed it, oops.

I was thinking of adding analytics to this blog, so I could see if anyone read this from time to time. But decided against it as I'm sure I would try to start optimizing the posts somehow as soon as I saw numbers go up somewhere. I literally started this thing so I could get away from that?

OK, I think this is it for the first post, no idea if this is long or short, I've never really blogged before. I've dreamed about it for a long time, though. Hey here's some takeaways for this post:

No idea how often I will be writing here. Maybe check back once in a month or two? Or I guess you can follow me on Twitter and I'll tweet about new blog posts. I even made this blog layout so it's easy for me to copy paste the title and lead part for social media linking. No really it's designed for me to get on Twitter less. Please believe me.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

(Header image: that's me hanging out on a tree with my dog Tingle. I learned that trick from Naruto, the ninja anime.)

(P.S. the title is a reference to my old EP heh)


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