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Bangle Watch vol.2


The first apps I've made for the Bangle.js 2 open-source smartwatch. Read post

Bangle Watch


Starting my adventure with Bangle.js 2 open-source smartwatch. Read post

The Process:
The Tower


A bit about analog synthesizers, improv music and my relationship with horror genre and anxiety. Looking back at my 2-track 40-minute long dark/horror ambient album from 2017. Read post

The Process:
Kings and Queens of Wasteland Revisited


For the 5th anniversary of Nuclear Throne's release I revisited the striking ending song of the game. Here's some thoughts on the original, the new version and some meanings behind the text. Read post

So it has come to this, Jukio's blog


Blogins. (That's short for blog begins.) Some explanation on why I'm starting this little personal space and a bit about artist statements. Beware: under_construction.gif. Read post

Cool places and people:

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here's a tiny forest for you. the secret word is plamtree!