About the name change

I've been using the name Kozilek as long as I've been making electronic music. I didn't even care about electronic music that much until I actually tried making it myself. I hated dancing and mostly cared about metal, punk, that kind. But as soon as I started laying down 4/4 beats and some basslines I realized this is very much what I want to do.

I made a few tracks and wanted to go do live shows as soon as possible. There was a role-playing game festival in my town, and being an RPG fan myself I decided to ask their night party organizer if I could play. I chose a name that came from my hobby, Magic the Gathering, at a time and felt like it'd fit in the festival scene. It was supposed to be this one off half-joke kinda thing.

I didn't get the gig. But the name stuck with me.

After that I started putting out a lot of electronic music on Bandcamp under the name Kozilek. Did some live shows. Composed game soundtracks. The name started to become kinda known in the indie game dev scene. All was good. I felt like I was where I wanted.

Until around two years ago.

I composed more game soundtracks that didn't really fit the "mold" of high energy lofi electro that Kozilek was known for. I decided to use my own name for soundtracks. And I was really losing the steam for high energy music. The feeling became so bad that I couldn't really enjoy or make much electro anymore. There was also another artist using the same name, putting tracks on Spotify and iTunes, which further made me lose interest in it all. I wanted to evolve Kozilek and it felt more like a heavy shackle than my thing.

I was thinking for a long time about changing the name but the little "fame" that Kozilek had gotten made it hard. Lot of people said there's nothing wrong with the name when I talked about this. But I felt like the name made me unable to make stuff I loved. This summer I decided I AM going to change the name. Just that resolution changed everything.

I finally started to find what kind of music I'd love to do on my own. Slowly I realized what kinda elements I like, what makes me enjoy my own tracks. I'm in a position with the music I'm now making that I feel like it can evolve to new places. It doesn't feel like a dead end anymore. I also, half accidentally, came up with a name which as soon as I said it out loud, I knew it was right.

Enter Kuabee.

Kuabee is taking a side step. Kuabee is taking energy back, and using it differently. Kuabee is letting go, and going for a search. Kuabee is finding, and seeing a new door. You can still hear where I came from. But what's most important is, I can see where I am going.

Hope you enjoy my new venture in music. And thanks for all the support you've given me all these years.

Listen to Kuabee - So It Has Come To This EP
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